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Prepare for Budgeting & Strategic Freight Procurement Planning

Source your ocean and air freight with accurate and predictive rate data. Cargo needs to get to its destination and the bottom line is of the utmost importance.

Are your supply chain and freight procurement teams ready for the future?

Xeneta can help you turn your freight procurement and supply chain operations into a finely-tuned machine; one that focuses on being proactive, solving problems before they happen, and answering the most business-critical questions to make sure your company stays ahead. 


Book a free freight spend analysis and:

  • Understand how the ocean and air freight market is developing. Plan what that means for your procurement strategy and overall budget.
  • Explain your success following a tender and help to define performance expectations in the future.
  • Get transparency on which ocean shipping/air port and airport pairs have the greatest risk of being short shipped.  Don't be a victim of cargo rolling.

You'll get instant actionable insights to make a real impact on your company's bottom line.

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