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Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®)
FE - NE: $8,725 -- WoW +3.72% MoM +19.87%
NE - FE: $1,857 -- WoW +4.15% MoM +5.81%
FE - MED: $9,232 -- WoW +1.48% MoM +22.96%
MED - FE: $1,883 -- WoW +0.27% MoM +3.52%
FE - USW: $4,357 -- WoW +1.89% MoM +8.11%
USW - FE: $1,180 -- WoW +2.97% MoM +6.59%
FE - SAE: $7,806 -- WoW -0.31% MoM +2.75%
NE - USE: $4,027 -- WoW +2.29% MoM +17.03%
USE - NE: $710 -- WoW +0.14% MoM +1.28%
MED - USE: $4,774 -- WoW +11.70% MoM +26.10%
USE - MED: $1,408 -- WoW -0.35% MoM -5.38%
NE - SAE: $2,244 -- WoW +1.91% MoM +13.74%
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Air Intelligence


View the contracted and short-term air freight market on demand. 

An unmatched, trusted source of truth to make sense of air-freight-rate market volatility. Identify how the market reacts to market dynamics and get the instant insight to be proactive about your air freight procurement.


Delivering the most up-to-date contract market freight-rate data.

Your Position

Benchmark yourself against the market average, high, mid-high, mid-low and low.


Features that support the specifics of the air cargo market.

Monitor the Market

Xeneta for Air Freight lets you see sudden movements in the short-term market.  You can foresee potential risks to help you identify market movements. In addition, you can prepare your organization for a change in your approach to how and when you procure and negotiate air cargo rates in the market.


React Quickly to Off RFQ/Tender Requests

Xeneta Intelligence for air helps you answer requests outside the usual RFQ/tender period. Instantly find short-term prices for any trade lane globally without going through a back-and-forth with potential suppliers. Save time internally.


Learn more about Xeneta Intelligence for Air Freight. Request a demo below.