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Xeneta for
Air Freight

No more guesswork. Your timeframe.

Your market. The air freight market can prove exceptionally challenging when you’re trying to benchmark rates, assess availability and get the best value for your cargoes and businesses. Since the advent of COVID-19, a new layer of complexity has been liberally spread over the entire industry.

An unmatched, trusted source of truth

In such a dynamic environment, shippers find that contracted air freight rates simply aren’t actionable and spot rates play ‘by a new set of rules’, with fluctuations that are both difficult to predict and stay abreast of. The result is a lack of visibility when businesses need it most. Xeneta for Air Freight combines our up-to-the-minute air freight rates data with CLIVE’s unique load factor and capacity analyses data, giving shippers the accurate market intelligence they need to enter negotiations with confidence.

An unmatched, trusted source of truth to make sense of air-freight-rate market volatility. Identify how the market reacts to market dynamics and get instant insight to be proactive about your air freight procurement.

Xeneta for Air Freight

Xeneta for Air Demo Video-1
  • Short & Long Term Rates
    Choose the contract length that best represents your market.
  • Contracted Within
    Get insights on the most recent market developments.
  • Dynamic Load Factor
    Monitor market space availability and load factors.

Monitor the Market

Xeneta for Air Freight lets you see sudden movements in the short and long-term market.  You can foresee potential risks to help you identify your next move. In addition, you can prepare your organization for a change in your approach to how and when you procure and negotiate air cargo rates in the market.

React Quickly to Off RFQ/Tender Requests

Xeneta for Air Freight helps you answer requests outside the usual RFQ/tender period. Instantly find short-term and long-term market prices for any trade lane globally without going through a back-and-forth with potential suppliers. Save time internally.

Accurate Cargo Demand Data and Airline Performance

Through our integration with CLIVE Data Services, monitor the current  development of the marketed capacity and load factors with data sourced directly from airlines.

Access directly through the Xeneta platform unique dynamic load factor analyses utilizing weight and volume.

Get weekly updates to help you understand space availability and see how load factor fluctuation affects rate levels.

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