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Xeneta - TenderEasy Collaboration Delivers Reliable Market Data & Standardized Procurement to Radically Improve PUMA’s Ocean and Air Freight Procurement Process

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Electrolux Reacts in Real Time to Shifting Market Conditions with Xeneta Data

Electrolux meets the massive demands of scale with Xeneta’s real-time container rate benchmarking and market analytics platform.




Nestlé Empowers Internal Freight Sourcing Teams with Xeneta Data

Xeneta’s real-time capabilities gave Nestlé the data arsenal they needed to navigate the complex world of supplier discussions and improve freight procurement decision making.

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2 out of Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies

Xeneta optimizes freight procurement for some of the world's leading companies.

+$10BN Worth of Container Freight Purchasing Power

Xeneta powers container rate intelligence for the largest global trade companies.

Featured Customer Stories


Continental, a leading automotive manufacturing company, uses Xeneta's millions of data points to evaluate their supply chain performance & improve internal processes. 

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Thyssenkrupp, a manufacturer of steering systems as well as a leader of technology in the field of cold forging, achieved a 3% decrease in costs based on their target setting.

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Nouryon, a global chemical company that ships polymers and chemical products from 43 factories worldwide, benefited from coverage of 74% trade lanes with benchmarking rate data.

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Electrolux, a $19-$20 Billion company that manufactures and supplies home appliances to major retailers worldwide, accomplished a 10% drop of their total logistics costs.

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Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, uses Xeneta to get a real-time view of the market and improve procurement decision making.

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HSE24, Germany's first shopping channel and one of the largest home shopping providers in Europe, increases customer satisfaction & team efficiency with the XSI™, index-based ocean freight rate contracting. 

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TGP, a project logistics management company that offers general freight forwarding services as well, saved many tens of thousands on a just single project.

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Rockwool, a global stone wool manufacturer, distributor, and supplier, chose Xeneta for better management of ocean freight rates.

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Market intelligence gives Continental a critical business advantage. We use Xeneta rates as the benchmark to offered rates in our tender. The team checks to see if the rates they are negotiating are according to the market level or optimal for Continental. The data is used as a tool to evaluate our supply chain performance and improve internal processes.

Dr. Jens Röttger
Dr. Jens Röttger
Head of Cluster Freight- NPM Purchasing at Continental AG

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Xeneta was a breath of fresh air for us. It was the first time that we've ever seen a company come out and provide dynamic benchmarking and market analyses for ocean and air, not only a once a year exercise.