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A few of the global leading companies reaching their desired outcome with Xeneta

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Nestlé Uses Xeneta to Get a Real-Time View of the Market and Improve Procurement Decision Making

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How Xeneta and TenderEasy Help PUMA Radically Improve Their Ocean and Air Freight Process

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Electrolux Meets the Massive Demands of Scale with Xeneta

Some of Our Customer Stories

Some of the Industries
We Help Optimize

We're focused on helping global enterprises across several industries empower their freight procurement with actionable rate data. Learn more about how companies like yours are using our platform to drive their business forward.

Unedited - Chemicals


With special cargo requirements and time-sensitive goods, running a seamless supply chain can be more critical than a pure price negotiation.

By providing both ocean and air insights, we help customers in the chemical industry understand the full market landscape to make the decisions that help get their products to market on time.

Find out how Nouryon, a multi-product and multi-divisional global chemical company, gained full visibility into their ocean freight tendering process. Learn more>>


Unedited - Consumer & Retail


Seasonal dynamics and new product launches mean that on-time delivery is a key business driver. However, this does not mean that cost can always be compromised.

Our customers in retail use Xeneta to make sure that they are accurately budgeting and setting expectations in their organizations for getting goods to market.

Find out how PUMA uses Xeneta to move beyond the tender and successfully position procurement as a strategic function that completely manages the end-to-end lifecycle of rates. Learn more >>

Unedited - Automotive


Supporting both inbound and outbound logistics means sophisticated supply chains and precise coordination. 

With large volumes of cargo moved across the entire globe, our customers in automotive use Xeneta to focus on the largest, most strategic trade lanes to align their organizations on price and strategy.

Find out how Continental uses Xeneta to evaluate their supply chain performance and improve internal processes. Learn more >>