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Real-Time, Crowdsourced, Neutral.

The All-In-One Ocean & Air Freight Market Analytics Platform

Xeneta is the global reference point for Ocean & Air Freight prices. We empower you to get cargo where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, at rates you can justify – no matter the market conditions.

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Trusted by the biggest buyers & sellers of ocean & air freight



Shippers using Xeneta see an average reduction in annual freight spend of 6.5%. Using the Xeneta platform to monitor the market, report and align internally, identify opportunities and risks, and inform your budgeting and tender decisions is key to a leaner, smarter, agile supply chain.

Xeneta for Shippers
Xeneta for Shippers
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Freight Forwarders

Put Xeneta’s real-time market insights into action and challenge your team to work smarter, not harder, as you push for margin growth. Add value in line with the market, strengthen your relationship with customers and suppliers, and improve your tender win-rate by at least 10%.

Xeneta for Freight Forwarders
Xeneta for Freight Forwarders