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Global Trade Fun Facts | TOP US PORTS

In honor of our U.S. operations starting last week, our Global Trade Fun Facts post this week will focus on Top US ports. 

How Do You Book Your Cargo?

How do you book your cargo? A simple question that usually doesn’t require much thought or maybe it’s of little concern for many shippers. Really, why should it matter?Trust us. It should matter how you book your cargo.

[Live Webinar] Q3 2016 Ocean Freight Rates Review

Earlier this month we marked a remarkable milestone in Xeneta history: 17 Million data points in our database, which shippers, freight forwarders and carriers can compare their ocean freight rates against. These 17 million contracted...

Supply Chain Talent Crisis | The Imbalance in the Future Logistics Management Workforce


Out with the old and in with the new. While this is great for a good number of things ranging from produce to fresh blood in the workforce, some industries and functions such as supply chain management are facing a rapidly growing...

[INFOGRAPHIC] 16 Questions That Keep Supply Chain Managers Up at Night

With so many things currently happening on the container shipping front, we bet supply chain and logistics managers are having a hard time focusing. Hundreds if not thousands of companies have some of their goods at sea on Hanjin. That...

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