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Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®) Short-Term Market
FE - NE: $11,033-- WoW +1.09% MoM +17.16%
NE - FE: $1,846 -- WoW -0.11% MoM -2.59%
FE - MED: $11,483 -- WoW +0.20% MoM +17.02%
MED - FE: $1,898 -- WoW 0.00% MoM +3.10%
FE - USW: $4,889 -- WoW +1.20% MoM +7.32%
USW - FE: $1,162 -- WoW +1.93% MoM -3.41%
FE - SAE: $10,140 -- WoW +1.42% MoM +18.32%
NE - USE: $4,555 -- WoW +1.92% MoM +12.11%
USE - NE: $715 -- WoW +1.56% MoM +4.69%
MED - USE: $5,159 -- WoW +2.36% MoM +6.13%
USE - MED: $1,313 -- WoW +4.79% MoM -4.44%
NE - SAE: $2,541 -- WoW +1.48% MoM +5.39%
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How Xeneta helped Trans Global Projects save tens of thousands with rate data and market intelligence

Although many of the companies using Xeneta’s services are large box ship lines and shippers that move dozens of thousands of containers annually, the rate, lane and benchmarking information available is also of use to a variety of companies moving smaller volumes on an ad hoc basis. One such company is UK-headquartered Trans Global Projects Ltd (TGP), which focuses on project logistics management, but offers general freight forwarding services as well.

TGP is not a 3PL or an NVOCC. It provides clients with a range of strategically-related logistics services – whether this is a stand-alone service or a comprehensive, multi-disciplined package of services to accommodate the scope of work. TGP’s service portfolio comprises activities such as project logistics management, supply chain management, ship chartering, aviation logistics, logistics consultancy, and procurement, which are delivered through a network of 20 offices across the world. With an experience of 30 years of service in these areas, TGP has established itself as a trusted leader in its field whilst remaining independent in ownership. At the same time, the company has complemented its portfolio by offering general freight forwarding services as well.

This particular branch of logistics involves the on-time site delivery of innumerable items that are crucial in maintaining a project construction schedule.  Containers often make up an important part of these shipments.  In addition to multi-modal transportation, TGP’s services include site material control, route surveys, expediting, customs formalities, craneage, software support and development, contract preparation, insurance, and risk assessment. 


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The Challenge

Across the past 30 years, TGP has been responsible for the successful handling of a myriad of projects for the oil and gas, metal and mining, power generation and petrochemical industries, working in some of the most remote areas of the world.  In areas such as Central Asia, parts of the Middle East, or the interior of Australia or West Africa, for example, harsh weather conditions and limited infrastructure must be factored into any transport planning. TGP strives to provide whatever services are required to meet the challenges of any given project, but to be successful in such tough areas it requires equally professional support from its vendor partners.

As a specialized logistics provider, TGP does not move regular, high cargo volumes to destinations which would normally secure the lowest freight rates possible.  However, it brings in its expertise to move specialized project cargo that arrives on an extremely timely basis while being cost-competitive. One of its recent endeavors was working on a tender for a 1,500 TEU project that required shipments from the Middle East to the US Gulf, for which TGP needed data intelligence to succeed in providing benchmarks for its tender.

Solution | Outcome

In order to stay competitive, TGP required market intelligence and turned to Xeneta for benchmarking data.

Minimizing the risk of container-rate fluctuations was of the utmost importance to TGP. The company found Xeneta’s independently-obtained 3rd-party ocean freight rates invaluable in vetting the prices carriers quoted. Benchmarking the relevant shipping lanes gave TGP the market- and price guidance necessary to be competitive whilst submitting reliable quotes to its client. The Xeneta platform allows TGP to successfully offer quotes to clients, and to use container rates that are attractive for both carriers and the clients. This is the goal of every business in international trade in today’s challenging marketplace.

With the use of Xeneta´s data and market intelligence, TGP was able to save many tens of thousands on its Middle East to the US Gulf container project tender.