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Associated British Foods

ABF Uses Xeneta to Negotiate a 30% Decrease in Ocean Rates and Provide Category Leadership in Logistics Procurement


ABF has seen immediate improvement in their market position across subsidiary companies since utilizing Xeneta. Xeneta data and analytics give business teams a better understanding of their market position and improved market visibility. ABF can now generate executive reports to access information and analyze all components of their procurement in one platform across different businesses. ABF regularly benchmarks performance against the market to evaluate procurement strategy and stay competitive within their industry.

“A recent example would be on a lane that I could see was at the market high level. After further discussions with the carrier, I managed to get a 30% reduction on the rate, taking it from market high to just below market mid-low. On an annualised basis this is worth close to $1.5M to that business on one lane alone” adds Goodall. 

To supplement the platform’s access to real-time and unbiased freight rate data, ABF also uses Xeneta market updates, webinars and bulletins to help them define overall goals and stay ahead of the market and changing trends.  

Xeneta has helped us understand our position in the marketplace and evaluate our procurement strategy regularly. Every time we do a tender, we make excellent usage of Xeneta data through the executive reporting feature. It is great to have all the data in one place to see synergies that different businesses have on the same lanes/port pairs.
Karen Goodall

Global Category Leader, Freight & Logistics

Defining Success

  • ABF uses Xeneta to separate data by businesses while having a comprehensive overview of the market to recognize similarities

  • With Xeneta, ABF improved internal reporting at the organizational level to curate a strategic procurement strategy for ocean freight

  • Using Xeneta data throughout the tender process, ABF benchmarks its market position, understands market developments, drives lane analysis and sets the appropriate target for future tender rounds

  • Access to Xeneta executive reporting and live neutral data helps ABF during discussions with carriers/freight forwarders

  • Xeneta's benchmark graphs helped ABF to review where the new prices would sit in the current market (particularly important with the significant price increases seen over the last 12-month period) showcase price development, benchmark their market position and support decisions in contract discussions.

About Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods is a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with sales of £13.9bn, 128,000 employees and operations in 53 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia. With its global reach, ABF ships over 100,000 TEUs annually on major trade routes like Asia to Europe, Asia to North America and Europe to Oceania to deliver value to its stakeholders consistently. The group consists of well-known companies such as Primark, Illovo Sugar and Twinings tea.

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