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Noatum Logistics

Partnering with Xeneta

For years, Noatum Logistics has heavily utilized Xeneta to navigate the continuously disrupted ocean freight market. With Xeneta’s robust freight rate data, Noatum benchmarks their long-term contracts against the market—optimizing their spend, remaining competitive on their main routes, and ensuring trust lies at the heart of their relationships with customers.


Outcomes & Results

Freight Management

With freight rate analytics backed by real-time data, Noatum Logistics’ procurement teams have a clear view of their dynamic position in the market and can compare to their peers and competitors. Digging deeper into this data, they can see which trade lanes they have a strong position (where investment should be increased) and which show a less competitive stance (where a shift in strategy may be needed or money is being left on the table), as well as how this position is evolving over time. Identifying these types of cost saving opportunities has been a huge source of ROI for Noatum Logisitcs.

By downloading and sharing this data internally, Noatum Logistics remains aligned across several departments and can evaluate and optimize their greater business performance. The company’s Global Procurement, Pricing, Commercial Office and Business Analytics departments all rely on Xeneta.

In conjunction with Xeneta’s freight rate data, Noatum relies on customer-exclusive content such as reports on global freight rate trends, a Detention & Demurrage report, and webinars identifying the opportunities and risks of market changes to reinforce a core pillar of their business—ensuring their customers’ cargo arrives safely and on time to its destination.

Without Xeneta, getting an overview of where other companies are reaching better conditions is quite complicated. By showing how our rates compare against the market, Xeneta has helped us improve all aspects of our procurement. We now have a clear understanding of our position in the market and potential savings opportunities. Most importantly, our customers feel the benefits Xeneta has had on our business and freight management.
Justi Casas Muñoz

Pricing Country Manager Spain

Contract Negotiations

Noatum Logistics uses Xeneta data to ensure contract negotiations and tenders are optimized to the current market, both for themselves and their customers. After benchmarking carrier rates against the market averages shown in Xeneta and monitoring how the market is moving, they can progress toward a mutually beneficial contract agreement.

According to Noatum Logistics, the overall management of their RFQs and pricing has become much more efficient since utilizing Xeneta’s tender support. Their RFQ teams spend less time on each negotiation and are able to identify the specific trade lanes that may need more focus.

Customer Relationships

With Xeneta’s transparent freight rate data and market intelligence acting as a neutral 3rd party foundation for contract negotiations, Noatum Logistics can prove to its customers the consistency and fairness of prices offered, even in volatile market conditions.

With support from Xeneta, Noatum Logistics’ customers receive an accurate picture of the market and are alerted of any current or potential future market disruptions—strengthening their relationship with the forwarder and in turn, the partnership between Noatum Logistics with Xeneta.

About Noatum Logistics

Noatum Logistics is a leading supply chain management company with global coverage, positioned in the top 50 freight forwarders worldwide. Present in 24 countries and 90 locations, Noatum Logistics has over 1,700 employees managing 250k TEU worldwide. The company actively invests in technologically innovative solutions like Xeneta to boost efficiency within their focus areas—freight management, international supply chain management, contract logistics, project logistics, eSolutions and customs clearance.

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