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Through our partnership with Xeneta, our team at Flexport is able to quickly access a trove of ocean freight rate data across different port pairs, at the granularity we need, to ensure we stay up to date on the latest market dynamics. Xeneta’s solution offers rate transparency, data availability, and efficiency for our teams - allowing us to focus on delivering greater customer value and service.
Anders Schulze

Senior Vice President, Head of Ocean Procurement

FLEXPORT at a glance

Flexport is a multinational corporation focusing on supply chain management and logistics, with services including order management, delivery, trade financing, insurance, freight forwarding and customs brokerage. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Flexport has thousands of employees and grosses an annual revenue of $3.3 billion.

Shipping roughly 120,000 TEUs annually, with a focus on transpacific trade lanes, Flexport's shipment volume is the 20th largest on the transpacific eastbound route. Flexport's mission is to connect the entire ecosystem of global trade, enabling buyers, sellers and logistics providers of all sizes and procurement needs to grow and innovate.

The platform integrates and connects ERP data from various companies involved in supply chain, to manage information about cargo and freight processing. Flexport partners with Xeneta to provide their customers the largest source of accurate freight data.

Instant visibility into 450M+ ocean & air freight rates

Unlock accurate real-time data that boosts your bottom line. Make informed decisions and watch your shipping business grow with Xeneta.