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Set freight rates that will sell

Get a pulse on the market and connect with your customers through real-time ocean and air data

Let the metrics do the talking


A window into the minds of your customers 

In today’s procurement market, shippers are data-driven—they know what a fair freight rate looks like, and they won’t accept anything above the norm. 

This means that if a freight forwarder isn’t on the same page as a customer, it’s bad news for your profits. Negotiations aren’t the time for surprises (on either side of the table). 

By using Xeneta’s 400M+ real-time ocean & air freight rates, you can delight your customers, bring in new business and protect your margins. Know the market, understand your position, and see how you can grow. 

Metrics report demonstrating Xeneta's data-driven analysis for freight forwarders

Monitor & Learn

Identify market disruptions, keep track of changes to your most valuable corridors, and get clear insight into potential future rates.

Analyze & Expand

Benchmark your rates against the market, discover the most cost-effective carriers and identify potential for new market expansion.

Leverage & Sell

Justify your rates in tenders, provide clients with market knowledge, and make yourself sticky with a data-driven customer experience.

Xeneta powers strategic freight selling at some of the world's leading freight forwarders