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[On-Demand Webinar] Learn how to use market intelligence in your tendering and customer management process

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As a freight forwarder, you face various pressures in the shipping industry where you need to weigh customer loyalty versus margins versus competitive advantage. In many cases, your customers have stronger industry and market rate knowledge, and with no volume commitments, your relationship can be just transactional. 

Procurement, RFQ, customer management and sales development disciplines need visibility into container rates to grow revenue and maximize your ROI. Freight rate data intelligence delivers efficiency where all freight forwarding departments operate in lock step. 


Product procurement is fact-based where gut feeling takes a back seat. Due to a lack of transparency in the market, you struggle to know your position versus other freight forwarders. On the other side, customer-side procurement plays tough driving down prices where possible. 

Xeneta equips you with market rate intelligence on target trade routes so you can measure profitability versus growth. Our real-time container rate database supports your pricing decisions to your customers and helps you focus on the impact ocean freight rates has on existing business and margin.

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RFQ Management

If you sit in the freight forwarder RFQ driver seat, the process may feel like a tedious and time-consuming guessing game. You have access to market intelligence, but it is outdated and static. You have no systematic way to measure carrier risk versus current container market rates. 

Xeneta increases your RFQ productivity with container rate data analytics available instantly. With Xeneta's fact-based rate intelligence supporting your risk assessments on existing business, you can easily decide which business and which suppliers are the right ones for you.

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Customer Management

Customer loyalty, exceptional service and strong relationships aren't easy to maintain in the shipping industry. Customers require constant transparency, the best rates and over-the-top service. You must gain a competitive advantage and gain the trust of your customer in order to survive in this cut-throat industry. 

Xeneta provides current market rates movements giving you the transparency and market awareness your customers require. You can easily show your customers market rates for the awarded routes, or even better, show them rates to the non-awarded routes. You get a clear advantage against your competitors and gain customer trust during the contract period and beyond.

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Sales Development

Value-based selling keeps customers for life. With tough competition from both traditional and digital freight forwarders, you need to differentiate your sales strategy. Shippers/BCOs are not only looking for competitive rates, but also a productive and efficient process.  You need to take a consulted sales approach, show your market awareness and be better informed. 

Xeneta's ocean freight rate data gives you the information you need to become a container rates market expert. You can easily keep transactional customers by showing them Xeneta's market rates on a regular basis. No need for constant RFQs and negotiations leading to time and cost savings. Xeneta provides you with the tools to be a market-savvy industry sales professional.

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Data Enables Real-Time Decisions to Keep the Shipping and Logistics Pipeline Flowing

In order to get the most value out of big data in the shipping and logistics industry, a company needs to determine what they want to do: Reduce costs? Increase revenue? Optimize transit times? These are all serious strategic issues for both a shipper and a carrier, whose implementation, or not, affects profitability on every trade.

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Xeneta in Action

Seeing is believing. Find out how you can use Xeneta to gain a competitive edge and gain customer loyalty. Our experts will demonstrate the Xeneta platform in real time and visualize the current rates for the trade routes that matter to you. See the value Xeneta can bring to procurement, RFQ, customer management and sales development professionals in your freight forwarding company.

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