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Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) Uses Xeneta's Ocean Freight Data to Help Clients Level Up Their Supply Chain Logistics

Opportunity & Result

Frequent and significant price fluctuations in the market can make it very time-consuming to ensure you get competitive pricing, not to mention the challenge of achieving price transparency or knowing if the received prices are reasonable. Asking 2-5 suppliers is time-consuming and not enough to gain assurance. Xeneta enables ERA to show the freight market reality to its clients, measure their performance against the market, and find cost-saving potential.

The team finds great value in Xeneta's exclusive reports, webinars & blogs and an excellent source of freight market movement.

This is only possible because of Xeneta's neutral position in the market, as opposed to information from transport providers and cargo owner associations.

Xeneta provides the most comprehensive data and actionable insights on freight rate developments, which helps us quantify savings potential for clients and give them measurable feedback on their performance.
Hans-Henrik Hansen

Country Manager Denmark and Chairman of ERA's Sea Freight Solutions team


  • ERA helped to reduce sea freight costs of a Swedish Manufacturing Exporter by +20%
  • ERA helped cut freight costs of one of their Automotive clients by almost 10%
  • An Italian importer and distributor reduced their annual freight spend by 21%
About Expense Reduction Analysts

Established in 1992 and with more than 700 consultants operating in over 40 countries, ERA is one of the world's leading consultancy organizations specializing in optimizing supply chains and processes for clients from $25 million to billions in annual turnover. ERA reviews clients' supplier relationships and expenses to help businesses manage costs from their supplier base, including 3PL logistics.

Instant visibility into 450M+ ocean & air freight rates

Unlock accurate real-time data that boosts your bottom line. Make informed decisions and watch your shipping business grow with Xeneta.