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Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®) Short-Term Market
FE - NE: $11,033-- WoW +1.89% MoM +17.16%
NE - FE: $1,846 -- WoW -0.65% MoM -2.59%
FE - MED: $11,483 -- WoW +4.01% MoM +17.02%
MED - FE: $1,896 -- WoW +0.16% MoM +2.99%
FE - USW: $4,889 -- WoW +1.20% MoM +7.32%
USW - FE: $1,141 -- WoW +0.09% MoM -5.15%
FE - SAE: $10,140 -- WoW +1.50% MoM +18.32%
NE - USE: $4,555 -- WoW +1.33% MoM +12.11%
USE - NE: $703 -- WoW -0.14% MoM +2.93%
MED - USE: $5,159 -- WoW +3.62% MoM +6.13%
USE - MED: $1,252 -- WoW -0.08% MoM -8.88%
NE - SAE: $2,542 -- WoW -0.27% MoM +5.43%
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Xeneta Partner Program's goal is to connect must-have market data insights into our platform.

Xeneta partners play a key role in helping organizations of all sizes – across all industries – dramatically improve their ocean & air freight procurement. 


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About Catapult

Powered by Magaya, Catapult provides technology-enabled automation solutions for leading freight forwarders, shippers, and carriers in over 100 countries worldwide. Managing more than 16 billion cargo rates, Catapult unites air, ocean, and ground rate contracts into a simple cloud-based system. By combining freight rate management together with a best-in-class platform for logistics and supply chain management, together, Magaya and Catapult offer a complete solution suite that is unrivaled in the market. 

Catapult and Xeneta

Catapult’s analytic cards seamlessly integrate with Xeneta’s API, displaying market-leading rate analytic data for instant comparison to current buying and selling rates to sales, procurement, and operations users. 

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For almost two decades, PORTRIX LOGISTIC SOFTWARE has built best-in-class rate management applications for the largest Freight Forwarders in the world. Today PORTRIX counts twelve of the top twenty forwarders among their customers. Through our in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry and continuously evolving solutions, PORTRIX has successfully helped its customers increase profits and productivity year-over-year. PORTRIX LOGISTIC SOFTWARE is a member of the PLS group, which has created and developed software for corporate customers since 2001.

PORTRIX and Xeneta

Xeneta’s API integrates into the Portrix Global Price Management platform (GPM) displaying data for instant comparison between buying contracts and the Xeneta benchmark.

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About Sea-Intelligence

Sea‑Intelligence is a leading provider of innovative objective analysis within the container shipping industry. Combining strong quantitative analytical skills with a deep understanding of container shipping, derived from many years of working within the business, has led Sea‑Intelligence to continuously bring new insights into the industry.

Sea-Intelligence and Xeneta

By integrating Sea-Intelligence’s schedule reliability, capacity, and blank sailings data directly into Xeneta, customers can experience the power of on-demand ocean freight rate data intelligence coupled with critical container supply information.

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About Shipz

Many mid-sized companies do import and export and want to work with forwarders, but they are limited by the current process. Meanwhile, forwarders are equally strained by the amount of “free” work they do, and by being treated like a bank. Shipz is a neutral bid-and-ship platform for mid-market shippers, providing forwarders with a safe space to stay in the ring.

Ships and Xeneta

The collaboration between Xeneta and forward-thinking companies like Shipz benefits mid-sized shippers by offering on-demand rate data that will enable them to make more informed decisions.


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About TenderEasy

TenderEasy is a market-leading cloud solution for transport sourcing, freight tendering, freight spot request, and rate management solutions. As part of the Alpega Group, TenderEasy provides seamless integration to Alpega TMS. TenderEasy's vision is to help customers take advantage of the opportunities made possible by the digitalization of logistics and make one of the world's largest industries more efficient and sustainable.

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