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Xeneta for Analysts

With 450M+ real-time data points at your disposal, market analysts can proactively support their logistics and commercial teams. 

One source of market truth

Speed, accuracy and granularity are at the heart of what analyst teams need — and that's exactly what Xeneta provides. 

Use the world’s largest source of real-time market data to provide team members with an accurate view of your position in the market—advising on the best way forward to support margin, tender, and budgetary needs. 

Reject outdated data

Feel confident knowing your analysis is precise, as it reflects the live market your team is procuring in. 

Proactivity and speed

Having a constant pulse on market developments helps your team create a competitive, accurate procurement & sales strategy. 

Depth of understanding

With $60B+ in freight spend and 350M+ rates within the platform, you can filter down to see data that closely represents your business and make decisions everyone trusts. 

The value Xeneta brings to Analyst teams

Using Xeneta, Market and Data Analysts can get a wide but granular view of the market in a streamlined, efficient way. As a neutral data source that boasts 160k+ port pairs and 40k+ airport pairs, the use of Xeneta allows analysts to sanity check themselves against both the market and suppliers.

The analytics and trends that analysts pull from Xeneta give them a core way to support their wider team at speed. Margin-making decisions need data to back them up and that's what Xeneta provides.

Xeneta Platform Showing Ocean Freight Market Trends Rate Movement
Build your stack

Relevant Data for Analysts

Rate Upload
Spend Comparison

A 3D view of your position in the market

Upload your rates to see how they compare against the real-time market by region, port pair, contract length, and carrier.  

Being able to plot your own data against the market contextualizes your position and highlights where you're on the right track and where it's time to pivot. 

Snapshot of the Xeneta platform showing market rates for air freight corridors

Let data show your potential

Get high-level and granular views of your potential for growth through Spend Comparison. This feature highlights the volume of your rates that align with different market segments, including market high and mid-high. 

Support your tender, procurement, and sales teams with this intelligence so they can refine their targets and create accurate freight budgets. 

Snapshot of the Xeneta platform showing market rates for air freight corridors

Analyze the data that matters to you

Xeneta's filters and categorization lets you assess the data that's most relevant to you. Filter by container weight, contract length, origin, destination, supplier and more, to ensure your market analysis has the right level of granularity and reflects your business. 

Level up with the data and graph export so that your time spent pulling reports is streamlined and productive. 

From Our Users:
“What I’ve seen [in the CEI] allows me to give green carriers credit for tender. I think Xeneta can have a positive impact on the world with this data—the conversations with stakeholders about the data will lift this forward.”
Xeneta Customer
CEI Early Adopter
Snapshot of the Xeneta platform showing market rates for air freight corridors

One central system

With the Xeneta API, you can extract ocean and air freight data when, where, and how you need it by integrating with the business systems you already use.  

Linking the API to your internal systems and Power BI saves you time and enables you to create in-depth market analyses in your own way. Get the data you want quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your focus.  

Snapshot of the Xeneta platform showing market rates for air freight corridors

The $10M dollar difference in negotiations

Unlock accurate, real-time data that boosts your bottom line. Make informed decisions and watch your shipping business grow with Xeneta.