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Xeneta for
Air Freight

The proactive way to monitor the air freight market in real-time

No more guesswork. Your timeframe. Your market.

The air freight market can prove exceptionally challenging when you’re trying to benchmark rates, assess capacity, and get the best value for your cargoes and businesses. Due to the current market disruptions, a new layer of complexity has been liberally spread over the entire industry.


Xeneta for Air Freight

 Shed light on the complex market with an unmatched neutral air freight rate and dynamic load factor/capacity data source. 

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Make sense of air freight market volatilitys

In this dynamic market, shippers and forwarders find that air freight rate fluctuations are difficult to predict and stay on top of.

Xeneta Air Intelligence combines up-to-the-minute freight rate data with load factor and capacity data—giving you the accurate market intelligence you need to negotiate with confidence.

Identify how air freight rates are affected by supply and demand. Get instant market insight and become proactive about your air freight buying or selling.

Get started with Xeneta for Air Freight

Short- & Long-term Rates

Choose the contract length that best represents your market.

Contracted Within

Get insight on how current market developments and disruptions are affecting prices and capacity.

Capacity & Dynamic Load Factor

Monitor space availability and dynamic load factor (capacity used) to optimize your capacity.

Go deeper with Xeneta for Air Freight Advanced


Get a Granular, Airport-Level View

Transparent, timely and neutral air freight data on capacity and load factors, volumes moved and actual shipment transactions between specified airports.

Improve Tender Strategy

Gain an understanding of current market dynamics as a whole (not just rates) to excel during tendering and determine optimal contract lengths.

Validate Your Prices

Justify pricing and your procurement strategy to management with neutral data rather than solely relying on information from vendors.

A sneak peek into Xeneta for Air Freight

Capacity & Dynamic Load Factor

Monitor the Market

Xeneta for Air Freight lets you see sudden movements in the short and long-term market. Foresee potential risks and identify your next move. In addition, prepare your organization for strategic changes in how/when you procure and negotiate air cargo rates.

Xeneta's online air freight dashboard showing rates, price benchmarks and freight forwarders from San Francisco to Amsterdam

React Quickly to Off RFQ/Tender Requests

Xeneta Air Intelligence helps you answer requests outside the usual RFQ/tender period. Instantly find short- and long-term market prices for any trade lane globally without going back and forth with potential suppliers. 

Air intelligence reporting from Xeneta featuring market averages and market highs from Shanghai to Frankfurt

View Price and Supply  & Demand Trends Instantly

Interactively monitor the current development of capacity and load factors to anticipate price changes and when shipping goods may be challenging.

Our unique dynamic load factor analyses utilize weight and volume for eight key trade lanes.

Get weekly updates and commentary from market experts to help you understand space availability and see how load factor fluctuation affects rate levels.

Xeneta insights graph showing dynamic load factor data versus capacity index during 2021

Temperature-Controlled (TC) Rates

Xeneta has more temperature-controlled BCO rate data than any other air freight rate provider. For shippers and freight forwarders moving TC cargo, Xeneta for Air Freight filters by a Passive service level that shows rate data solely for the TC market.

See exactly where you stand in this unique market, accurately benchmark your freight rates and avoid unnecessary costs.

Xeneta for Air Freight graph showing passive service level filters highlighting rate data solely for the TC market