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Xeneta Ocean Analytics

Understand your business performance in the context of the real-time ocean freight market

Visualize your rate and volume data in one place—transform the way you procure freight and model your supply chain.

Understand Your Market Position

The first step to improving your freight contracts is understanding where they stand in relation to the market.

By uploading your freight rates and volumes into Xeneta, you can leverage Xeneta’s benchmarking capabilities to find out where you can improve your freight rates.

Xeneta Ocean Freight Report Showing Spend Comparison and Savings Potential
employee time saved
ROI reported
improvement in budget accuracy

Measure Supplier Performance

Xeneta can organize your uploaded data by individual suppliers, which will let you identify your best and worst performing suppliers.

Xeneta Platform Showing Ocean Freight Market Trends Rate Movement

Choose the Right Contract

Xeneta lets you explore gain and loss scenarios based on your contract duration. As markets develop and react to economic circumstances, it is important to be aware of all your tendering options. When is it best to buy on the contract market vs the short-term market? Xeneta can tell you.

Xeneta Ocean Freight Benchmarking Report

Set Budget Expectations

It’s important to set your budget as you go into tender. If you’ve been out of the market for some time, Xeneta can help you align expectations and forecast possible budget increases or decreases.

Ocean Freight Market Trends Surcharge Report from Xeneta

Fix RFQ Targets

The RFQ/tender process can be tedious and uncertain. Going into it blind — without a deep understanding of the market — can lead to sub-optimal results in your contracts.

With Xeneta, you can upload multiple tender bids into the platform and compare them against both the market and your previous contracts. By understanding where the market currently sits, you can work towards bringing all your tenders to reasonable targets.

Xeneta Ocean Market Tender Benchmark Report

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