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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Logs 25% Hit Rate on Tenders and RFQs With Xeneta for Ocean Freight Data

Opportunity & Result

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics spent most of their productive time collecting relevant market information by reaching out to their network. Their global FCL trade management team was looking for a single rate data source to easily access market insights, including non-focus trades, to save time during the tender process.

With Xeneta Intelligence, Hellmann can make informed decisions during negotiation with trade lane managers and compare their performance against Xeneta benchmarks. With Xeneta’s automated rate updates, the team gets an overview of all trades and carriers as well as additional market reference points for comparison and analysis.

As a neutral source of market insights, Hellman uses Xeneta as a sanity checker on tender pricing. The team compares market rates with their own pricing to make sure the RFQ response is competitive and in line with Xeneta data to avoid early kick-outs.

In addition, Xeneta has been a great data source to help the team respond to Hellmann’s customers’ price adjustment requests.

Xeneta data, as well as their insightful content, has been a valuable source for our procurement strategy. It’s a perfect platform for anyone who wants to understand market rates or compare their pricing for sending out competitive RFQ responses. It’s required for a sanity check on tender pricing.
Tobias Sopalla

Head of Export Trades, Europe

Key Stats

  • Hellman saved nearly 2-3 hours per tender (Average 75 tenders per year)

  • With 25% hit rate on tenders & RFQs currently, Hellmann’s team is equipped to increase this number YoY

About Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a global logistics service provider, headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany. The company is represented by a worldwide network of 489 offices in 173 countries with more than 19,500 people.

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