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Let data drive your procurement

Everything you need for full ocean and air freight pricing and supply transparency

You're the Freight Procurement Pro


We Support You With Real-Time Rate & Supply-Side Data

For years, there’s been a disconnect between freight procurement operational excellence and readily-available actionable rate data. Organizations are looking for accurate and on-demand data to optimize team efficiency.

It is all about gaining the time to focus on the strategic improvements that really matter. It is time to break the cycle of data-less freight procurement strategies.

With over 450m rates in our database, Xeneta is here to give you the actionable rate data you need to stay one step ahead of the volatile ocean and air freight markets.

Metrics report demonstrating Xeneta's supply-side data analysis for shippers

Monitor & Observe

Identify which market events put you most at risk. React and respond instantly to off-tender spot requests and decide when to issue RFQs.  

Analyze & Plan

Benchmark your rates against the market and your peers. Understand your market position. Can you identify any opportunities? Measure supplier performance.

Prepare & Improve

Identify transportation budget increases/reductions. Explain why. Set accurate and relevant targets to gain leverage in supplier negotiations. Understand and decipher supplier bids.