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Working for Xeneta

Who we are

  • Our international team is located in Oslo, Hamburg and New York
    Our colleagues are from 30 different nationalities
    We have accumulated knowledge, culture, and diversity from all parts of the world

What we do

  • Our state-of-the-art data is transforming the complex industry of logistics
    We work to meet the demands of tomorrow
    We are not only comfortable with but driven by change

How we do it

  • We strive for excellence and quality
    Our colleagues are at the top of their fields
    Our colleagues are highly innovative, self-driven and forward-thinking

Discover where you belong



From our Ocean to Air products, we ensure that we build a robust and scalable platform.



We drive our product value proposition and development roadmap by gathering market and customer requirements.


Rate Management

We are data experts and quality check all our freight rates to ensure Xeneta always delivers accurate and reliable market information.



We are a fun-loving and witty crowd who lives and breathes acquisition, retention and customer growth in all shapes and forms. Our team is cross-functional based in Hamburg, Oslo and Vancouver.


Customer Success

The customer is at the center of everything we do and how we do it. We strive to meet the customer expectations, engage closely and enable our customers to succeed with Xeneta and drive value.

Solution - contract mgt - Implement contract

Finance and People Ops

We build Xeneta from the inside. Our people are our greatest asset.



We articulate and demonstrate the success our customers can achieve with Xeneta.

Xenetian's stories

“Xeneta has a non-hierarchal leadership style, which employees appreciate very much as it makes it easy to talk to anybody if you need help.”

Erik, CPO

Xenetian's stories

“What I love about my role is feeling that I am actually making a difference and moving Xeneta and its products forward.”

Mathilde, Compliance Director


We believe that our values reflect the very core of what Xeneta stands for and it’s the common foundation that binds our colleagues together.

Xeneta is one

Xeneta is one

We stick together, help each other and never leave people behind.

We share the good and the bad and believe that success through collaboration outweighs individual accomplishments.

We work hard on solving challenges together, don’t wait to be asked for help, and see things through.

Customers are no exception- their challenges are ours.

Modernization through data

Modernization through data

We challenge conventional views and build solutions that exceed expectations.
We collect and use data better – to improve not only our processes, systems, and products but also how an entire global industry thinks.
We use data and facts to make decisions, even if they go against the status quo.
Variety and fairness

Variety and Fairness

Everyone is free to apply and be fairly considered to be one of our colleagues. We allow no elitism that prevents anyone from fully contributing to the company with their knowledge and skills.
We welcome differing points of view and take the time to understand the other side. Our varied backgrounds lead to creative and improved
solutions to our problems and our customers’ challenges.
Transparnecy builds trust

Transparency builds Trust

Transparency is vital to building honesty and trust. We are upfront, share everything we can, listen to input, give feedback, and give credit where credit is due.

This applies to everyone we speak to – internally and externally – and helps us achieve our ultimate goal: improving the way freight is procured by bringing transparency to an opaque market.

Open roles

Open application

About Xeneta


Our company has been touted one of the hottest new companies in the Nordics, as well as one of the leading European companies transforming the shipping and global logistics supply chain industries by Forbes.  

Xeneta is changing the business of the $200B container-shipping industry and has since its launch in 2012 grown to become the world's leading information platform for ocean freight intelligence. With our international background from logistics, technology and business we have managed to develop a solution to the challenges traditionally related to trade in the containerized shipping industry.


We are always looking for top software developers, sales and marketing professionals, data scientists, UX designers and anyone else who has what it takes to join our journey and impact the shipping industry. We know very well the meaning of "work-life balance", flexibility and the importance of continuous learning. We treat Xenetians like adults and in return expect everyone to act like it.


What we offer

  • A young, motivated team and a great working environment.

  • Competitive benefits (Salary, vacation, flexible working hours etc.)

  • An opportunity to be a part of building a global company that is transforming an industry


Apply here and we'll be in touch!


Make sure to highlight your past achievements that you think are relevant. Be sure to give us an idea of who you are as a real live person—not just your professional experience.



Looking forward to hearing from you!