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Hamburg-Xeneta-team We're Growing Xeneta Driven by Our Enthusiasm for Technology & Shipping

We, Xenetians, come from over 20 different countries and from all walks of life. We have collected the brightest, wittiest and downright, the best humans in the whole wide world to together innovate, modernize and rattle the global container shipping and logistics industry. We have amazing customers and big brands like Unilever, Electrolux, Continental, Brother International, Nestle, Tata Steel  and thyssenKrupp to name a few.

We know very well the meaning of "work-life balance", flexibility and the importance of continuous learning. We treat Xenetians like adults and in return expect everyone to act like it.

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Perks and Vibe

  • Flexible Hours

    Work from home when needed, go to the dentist, when it aches. We’re not sticklers on this as long as you get done what is expected from you.
  • Generous amount of vacation

    It’s not all work and no time to relax. Recharge your batteries so you bring your A game. We even have added extra Christmas and other fun days off.
  • Central Office Locations

    Our Oslo, Hamburg and New York offices are centrally located with public transportation easily accessible. There's a varied pick of tasty restaurants and enjoyable cafes and bars around all corners.
  • Team Lunches

    Eating is a community activity where we chat over the latest TV shows or just plain silly happenings.
  • Fresh fruit & beer

    Getting your daily vitamins is important, and we consider beer one of them too. Fruits every day and beers on Fridays is routine.
  • Get what you need

    Mac, PC, special mouse, standing desk etc. We give you what you need to make sure you get stuff done.