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Xeneta API

Integrate ocean & air freight market data through your entire workflow.

Seamlessly integrate 300 million freight rates and other market data into your business systems to extract market intelligence when, where, and how you need it.

Feed the data into your analytics, tender, finance, quoting or pricing systems to analyze alongside other data sources for deeper market intelligence within a single platform.

Xeneta's ocean freight rate API supports Zencargo's vision of combining world-class freight forwarding services with pioneering technology to transform supply chains. Internally it helps us understand the latest developments and impact on our ocean procurement performance while offering competitive and innovative pricing models to our customers.
Catia Fernandes
Head of Far East - UK at Zencargo
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    Work with speed
    Xeneta's real-time freight data when and how you need it, no platform training required.
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    One central system
    Bring all your data sources into a single ecosystem — no jumping around, no manual uploads.
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    Align your teams
    Unify your teams around the data you trust to ensure all are pushing in the right direction.

Streamline your analytics

API may seem like a daunting technology, but it couldn't be simpler to take advantage of. With a quick and easy integration into your own Power BI or Rate Management System (RMS), your team can rapidly pull data and spend more time focusing on the tasks that maintain and grow your competitive edge. See our API technical guides for more info.

Value quality & quantity

Those with an abundance of reliable data see a proven advantage in having a greater understanding of the market, forecasting and adjusting for future trends, and winning competitive tenders. Analyze your performance and get the best rates possible to achieve a stronger bottom line.

Get the data that's right for you

We recommend API for BCOs who ship 10,000 TEUs and/or 3,500 tons of cargo annually, and for Freight Forwarders and Logistic Service Providers who move over 150,000 TEUs and/or 50,000 tons. With these volumes, having instant access to Xeneta data will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your teams.

Have a question about the API?

Sign up and one of our API experts will be in touch to provide you with the information you need. You can also find API technical guides here.