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Join us as we analyze container shipping prices for the main global routes as reported in the Xeneta platform. 

Why You Should Watch the Webinar

  • You need to know how the ocean freight market prices are moving as you prepare for your RFQ 
  • You need real-time data to benchmark your container prices for the spot and long-term ocean freight market
  • You need container pricing data to help you negotiate better with your shipping suppliers and be convincing in your discussions

We'll Answer These Questions

  • What was the price activity like for the spot market in Q1 2017 for Asia-N.Europe and Asia - North America West Coast?
  • Q2 2017 and beyond – What should shippers be aware of as we enter Spring and Summer?
  • What correlations are there between the spot market price activities and long-term market movements?
  • With the current unpredictability in the market how can real-time visibility into shipping rates data help you stay on top of the market
  • ...and more.

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