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Market disruption: what will hit shipping next? 


How to know when a disruption will create market volatility, and what the next disruption might be.

The Red Sea Crisis, Baltimore bridge collapse, the Panama Canal, and the Strait of Hormuz.

Localised events that have had global impact on the shipping industry.  

From inconsistent surcharges, increased long-term and spot-market freight rates and containers being moved on terms different to those previously agreed in long-term contracts, each disruption creates market volatility that directly impacts the shipper and freight forwarder.  

Join Xeneta as we look back at recent black swan events to better understand:  

  • How to know when a disruption will create market volatility 
  • The impact of geopolitics on global supply chains 
  • How insight and market readiness strengthen supply chain resilience

Bonus: we'll be looking ahead at what the next disruption might be too!

Don't miss out! Save your spot to get ahead of what will disrupt the shipping industry next.

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Emily Stausbøll Xeneta

Emily Stausbøll


Market Analyst 

Peter Sand Xeneta

Peter Sand


Chief Analyst