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The State of the Air Freight Market in Q1 2024 

You’ve seen the news. Now hear the data.

The latest data released by Xeneta shows air cargo volumes from Vietnam to Europe – a major trade route for apparel – spiked 62% in the week ending 14 January. This is 6% higher than 2023’s peak week in October and a 16% increase on the volumes recorded in the same week 12 months ago.

Seeing as January is typically a quieter time of year for air freight, to see increases of this magnitude, with higher volumes than at any point in 2023, is significant.

Watch the industry experts discuss real-time market data and expert insight, including:    

  • Are we experiencing a shift from ocean to air?
  • How is the air cargo market responding to the Red Sea crisis?
  • How will this impact the upcoming tender discussion?

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Niall van de Wouw

Niall van de Wouw


Chief Airfreight Officer

wenwen Zhang

Wenwen Zhang


Market Analyst