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What’s driving the uptick in ocean freight spot rates? 

June 2024


Soaring spot rates across the world’s major trade lanes are causing havoc for shippers and freight forwarders alike.

Discover the multitude of factors behind the uptick.

Join Peter Sand and Emily Stausbøll as they explore:  

  • How June rates compare to the early months of 2021 when we thought we had seen a peak in rates 
  • The many causes behind the uptick in ocean freight spot rates 
  • The impact of trade patterns shifting (including congestion and equipment issues) 
  • The risk of high market spread between spot and long rates 
  • The role carriers play in the underlying demand/supply balance 

We’ll also look at how many shippers and freight forwarders are currently experiencing their cargo being rolled, or their contracts not being upheld – and give you the context you need to plan your next move.  

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Emily Stausbøll Xeneta

Emily Stausbøll


Market Analyst 

Peter Sand Xeneta

Peter Sand


Chief Analyst