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Market Update:
Sustainability of freight rates and the ripple effects of the Red Sea Crisis

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February 2024



The market might be softening, but the ripple effect is still very much in play.

Join Emily Stausboll in February’s Market Update as she walks through which global trade routes are seeing ocean freight prices soften, how the Red Sea crisis differs from what we saw in COVID and what we can expect to see going forward.  

Emily draws on Xeneta data and other relevant datapoint from industry sources to help paint a picture of why the market has moved the way it has and why shippers shouldn’t become complacent just because we’re no longer seeing the same GRIs that were pushed through 1st February.  

Watch the February Market Update to discover:  

  • What’s causing ocean rates to soften  
  • The ripple effect on the North Europe to US East Coast and Transatlantic corridors 
  • The likelihood of amplified ocean freight rates being sustained post Lunar New Year 
  • The split between those who paid crisis-related surcharges and those who were relatively protective of these additional charges 
  • How Emily uses Xeneta data to draw the insights needed to gain a complete view of the market

Meet the Industry Expert

Emily Stausboell

Emily Stausbøll


Market Analyst

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