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Learn why customers choose Xeneta for reliable, comprehensive freight intelligence over Drewry, Freightos and Upply's limited data.

The Xeneta Advantage

More than a freight rate benchmarking tool, Xeneta is trusted by hundreds of leading global companies as their ocean and air freight intelligence solution. No other data providers come close to the depth, breadth and accuracy of Xeneta data. 



The most comprehensive, timely ocean & air freight pricing intelligence available
Consultancy business at heart, with limited and outdated ocean-only data
Freight marketplace platform with limited data geared towards small businesses
Road freight focus, combined short & long-term rates impacts data trends
The most comprehensive, timely ocean & air freight pricing intelligence available
pie_chart_icon Data Coverage
+450mn data points & 220k global and exotic ocean and air trade lanes
15k ocean port-port pairs, with 'expert opinions' & averages filling in gaps
12 global ocean and air corridors, no port pairs
Main focus is road freight; limited ocean or air data
database_platform_icon Data Sources
Hundreds of small to large-volume shippers, forwarders, carriers & airlines
BCOs, NVOCCs/freight forwarders & Drewry Shipping Consultants
Mainly small freight forwarders and airlines
Invoiced transactions from shippers, freight forwarders & carriers
verified_secure_shield._iconsvg Data Neutrality
No industry-linked shareholders
No industry-linked shareholders

Carriers on board of investors
Created and owned by a global freight forwarder
time_clock_icon Data Frequency
Daily, real-time rates
Weekly or monthly rates (based on subscription)

Daily or weekly rates (based on subscription)
Weekly rates
connect_hub_converge_icon Data Granularity
Short and long-term rates are separately calculated and readily visible for all subscription types
Short and long-term rates available based on subscription
Majority short-term rates
Combined, incomparable long and short-term rates

Trust Your Data 

Unbiased data is the only source of true market transparency because neutrality creates credibility


The depth & breadth you need—short vs long, exotic trade lanes, ocean and air—in ONE place. That's efficiency. 


Dynamic, real-time analytics always beats static, old data in the constantly changing freight market.

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See the Difference

Our unique, unbiased, granular platform stands out among the rest, but why not see for yourself? We're all about informed decision making.

Talk to an expert and discover why customers across all industries and sizes choose Xeneta over other freight data solutions. 




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