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Crisis in the Red Sea Webinar: The Impact on Ocean Freight in Q1 2024

You’ve seen the news. Now hear the data.  

Not even during the Covid years did the Xeneta mid-low / mid-high spread for spot container shipping freight rates on the Far East to Mediterranean climb this high, this fast.

And with such disruption to ocean shipping lanes, we are seeing carriers turning to air freight as part of their supply chain strategy.  

Watch the industry experts use real-time market data and insight, including:   

  • The sharp rise of spot rates and how high they could go  
  • Capacity crunches, new surcharges, and big delays: how do you find a balance?  
  • What to expect from last year’s long-term rates in today’s market conditions 

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Emily Stausbøll Xeneta

Emily Stausbøll


Market Analyst 

Peter Sand Xeneta

Peter Sand


Chief Analyst