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Mastering your Freight Budget: Accurate Forecasting in Any Market 

On-Demand Webinar

Don't start 2024 forecasts until you have watched this webinar

While Q4 2023 freight rates suggested a favorable 2024 for shippers, geopolitics had other plans. This saw budget forecasts abandoned, spot rates negotiated at inflated levels, and additional budget requested to recoup the financial impact caused by the Red Sea crisis.

Join Dayna Goldman and Thea Ruud as they walk through 2 primary solutions to consider when forecasting during market disruption.

Jump into the webinar to discover how to:

  • Identify your market position (and why you should!)
  • Accurately budget in the face of market disruptions.
  • Proactively monitor and maintain your budget plan.
  • Use freight intelligence to calculate scenarios specific to your business.
  • Optimize freight budgets with indexing.

Webinar Length: 30 Minutes

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