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A Trade War & Ocean Freight Rates  

By | on Mar 27, 2018 | Shipping rates, Carriers, Chinese Market, Ocean freight

As President Trump rewrites American trade policies, Wall Street, Shanghai and the European markets are wondering if the world economies might suddenly come unglued.

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Maersk & Hamburg Süd: A Profitable North-South-East-West Colossus

By | on Jan 09, 2018 | Carriers, Ocean freight

  It’s a smart acquisition. Maersk Line now owns and/or operates some 773 container vessels, with a total container capacity of around 4.15 million TEU and a 19.3% share of the global container market[...]

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Xeneta Launches Benchmark Rate Data for Refrigerated Containers

By | on Nov 30, 2017 | Shipping rates, Carriers

In the last few months, Xeneta has started the process of expanding into new freight markets. Today, we announced the first step of the journey which is the benchmarking of refrigerated containers (re[...]

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Carrier Profit: What’s Ocean Container Shipping Really in for in 2018?

By | on Nov 22, 2017 | Shipping rates, Carriers

Depending on how you look at it, ocean container shipping has seen a major change since the summer of 2016. The new shipping alliances have started to mobilize in 2017 and the volatility of rates for [...]

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The New Silk Road: Challenging the Shipping Industry

By | on Nov 09, 2017 | Shipping rates, Carriers, Freight Industry

map source: http://energypost.eu...nge-face-world/ Less than ten years ago, the idea of rail cargo between China and the EU was…bar talk; at best. However in 2016, according to The Economist, in exces[...]

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Will Low Sulfur Shipping Fuel Costs Increase Shipping Rates?

By | on Nov 03, 2017 | Shipping rates, Carriers, Freight Industry, Freight Costs

One of the most important events in the world shipping industry was the International Maritime Organization's October 27th, 2016 announcement formally adopting rules to cut the amount of sulfur allowe[...]

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Alert: Q4'17 Short-Term Market Rates Stumbling Below Contracted Rates

By | on Oct 12, 2017 | Carriers, Market Observations, Container Capacity, Freight Costs

If you are starting up your ocean freight RFQs and preparing for the Asia-Europe negotiation period, listen carefully as this is extremely relevant as we close up on year end and enter the RFQ period.[...]

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Understanding Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)

By | on Oct 10, 2017 | Supply Chain, Carriers, Freight Industry, Shipping Requirements, Freight Costs

The 9th version of the Incoterms - Incoterms 2020 has been officially released on September 2019 (the centenary year of the ICC) and will come into effect from the 1st of January 2020. We thought you’[...]

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The US East Coast: Open for Mega Business

By | on Sep 21, 2017 | Shipping rates, Carriers, Negotiation

The maritime world was a constant lead in the news during the past few weeks; we followed the Houston-Galveston port closings, record rains, and tales of communal heroism during Hurricane Harvey, and [...]

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The Box Carriers: Consolidate or Compete?

By | on Sep 04, 2017 | Carriers, Freight Industry

  Only six years ago, in 2011, there were 20 global container lines operating in a very fragmented, often very confusing industry. It’s different today; with Cosco’s takeover of OOCL, the top four car[...]

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