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2 min read  | Shipping rates

Xeneta Launches Benchmark Rate Data for Refrigerated Containers

Erik Devetak  | November 30, 2017

In the last few months, Xeneta has started the process of expanding into new freight markets. Today, we announced the first step of the journey which is the benchmarking of refrigerated containers (reefer).  We started with the collection of reefer data in early October and in just short of two months we have managed to collect more than 50,000 40HC reefer rates and approximately 10,000 20ft reefer rates.

Customers who have joined the beta program will be the first to benefit from this valuable information. 

Reefer Data Available for Main Corridors

We are first releasing the reefer data to our existing customers under our Beta Program.  We do not yet offer global rate data coverage for reefers like we do for dry containers, however, this is in the making as we are actively collecting data on a daily basis.  For this first phase, we have strong reefer rate data for the following corridors: 

Short-Term Rates

  • Export from South East Asia and China

Long-Term Rates

  • North Europe – US East Coast
  • China – Northern Europe
  • North Europe -China
  • North Europe-Japan
  • US East Coast - Japan
  • North Europe -Latin America



 As you can see from the screenshot, the reefer container type is included as a filter right in the user interface of the platform, where the customer can easily toggle between dry container and reefer container types. Market average, low and high rate data and graphs respond and display immediately based on the selection.   

New User Interface for Better Usability

After extensive research and feedback from our customer base and the market, our Xeneta tech and product teams have been developing a brand new user interface. This new UI is also available to Beta Program customers where they are able to test drive the new look and feel, improved usability, better analysis of short and long-term markets and more. 

Next Up: Tanker Data Being Collected

Of course the Xeneta journey into new markets does not stop with refrigerated containers. In fact, the most eagle-eyed customers might have noticed that we have already introduced the tanker container equipment type. We have just started the data collection phase for the tanker equipment type and will provide more information as we see data populating the platform. 

If you are an existing customer and are interested in joining our Beta program to contribute and access reefer and tanker data, please contact your Xeneta Customer Success Manager.

If you are not yet a Xeneta customer and would like to learn more about how you too can benefit from instant access to dry container and reefer container rate data for benchmark, monitoring and reporting, please contact us. We are happy to give you a demo and show you how Xeneta can help you optimize your ocean freight procurement strategy. 

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