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Highlights from Xeneta Summit 2020

Katherine Barrios  | October 23, 2020

On October 14- 15, we held our annual customer event, Xeneta Summit. This year it was virtual with 20+ online sessions. We had about 200 people connected from all over the world, our shipper, freight forwarder, software-provider customers and partners. Thanks to all for their participation and contribution.  We're happy to share the main keynote session videos below. 

We had the pleasure to have the Journal of Commerce as our content partner. Their extensive expertise in the shipping market and reach into all players in the industry provided for several insightful sessions and workshops revolving around the theme of "Key Operational Issues Influencing the Container Shipping Industry."

A big thank you to Peter Tirschwell, VP of IHS Markit/JOC for his keynote on "Coping with a New Era of Carrier Capacity Management & Digitization" where he dove in and gave us his thoughts of where container shipping is heading. This was an eye-opener where he stated, "... we have most likely arrived at a turning point in the container shipping market, and that as a result of this, the future is going to look different from how it has looked the past." 

A major thank you to Eric Johnson, Sr. Technology Editor for his support in the sessions and as a panelist host, as well as to Greg Knowler, Sr. Europe Editor for his attendance and contribution. 

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the keynote by Rolf Habben Jensen, CEO of Hapag Lloyd.  He discussed a few dimensions pertaining to the future of container shipping and supply chain. While the consolidation process with liners has moved fast in the past 5 years, he does not believe that there will be any major M&A activities in the future. Jensen anticipates that the industry structure will be healthier as we move along. He also sees the acceleration of digitization making an major impact with data-driven decision making at the forefront. We also had an interactive Q&A session where he answered our customer questions together with our Co-founder Thomas Sørbø. 

Watch the Full Sessions

Rolf Jensen's and Peter Tirschwell's sessions were so insightful that we are making them publicly available to all. Check them out below and enjoy!

How Hapag Lloyd Sees the Future of Container Shipping and Supply Chains in 10 Years

HubSpot Video


Coping with a New Era of Carrier Capacity Management & Digitization

HubSpot Video



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