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2017 has been more of a seller's market for the China Main - North Europe trade route. The trans-Pacific has experienced drops of nearly 15% in Q2

  • What to expect for Q3 2017 container rates?  
  • How to measure your ocean freight sourcing team's KPIs in the coming quarters?

We'll present Q2 2017 rate data to give insight on how to optimize your ocean freight procurement strategy. 

We'll Answer These Questions

  • Get updated information on how the container market rates have been moving to be prepared for supplier negotiations and volatile market changes
  • What was the container rate activity like for the spot market in Q2 2017 for Asia - N.Europe and Asia - North America West Coast?
  • Q3 2017 and beyond – What should shippers and freight forwarders be aware of as we end North American negotiations and enter Summer?
  • What correlations are there between the spot market price activities and long-term market movements?
  • With the current unpredictability in the market, how can real-time visibility into shipping rates data help you stay on top of the market and monitor your KPIs?

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