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Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI®) Short-Term Market
FE - NE: $11,033-- WoW +1.89% MoM +17.16%
NE - FE: $1,846 -- WoW -0.65% MoM -2.59%
FE - MED: $11,483 -- WoW +4.01% MoM +17.02%
MED - FE: $1,896 -- WoW +0.16% MoM +2.99%
FE - USW: $4,889 -- WoW +1.20% MoM +7.32%
USW - FE: $1,141 -- WoW +0.09% MoM -5.15%
FE - SAE: $10,140 -- WoW +1.50% MoM +18.32%
NE - USE: $4,555 -- WoW +1.33% MoM +12.11%
USE - NE: $703 -- WoW -0.14% MoM +2.93%
MED - USE: $5,159 -- WoW +3.62% MoM +6.13%
USE - MED: $1,252 -- WoW -0.08% MoM -8.88%
NE - SAE: $2,542 -- WoW -0.27% MoM +5.43%
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Xeneta Reports

In-house industry analysts provide custom services for your business goals. 

Advanced Analytics

Xeneta experts perform advanced analytics not offered directly on the platform.

Unique Services

Provided to help you understand your performance against peers in your industry.


Get customized readouts to help you achieve your specific organizational goals and KPIs.

Determine future budget

By determining future budget, leadership can set clear goals and expectations for stakeholders within the organization, the procurement department and the budgeting process itself.

When you understand how the market is developing, you can plan what that means for your procurement strategy and overall budget.

Report to C-Level

Supply-chain and logistics leaders need to consistently prove performance, deploy continuous improvement processes and forecast future costs.

By understanding cost implications within the context of the market, they can clearly communicate reductions related to efficiency gains from the implementation of modern procurement processes.

Evaluate response

Procurement professionals need to keep an overview of the tender, all incoming bids and the development of the market.

Due to the complexity of many of your networks, concentrating on the most important lanes where the budget impact is the most significant remains a common practice.


We'll show you how to analyze your spend and determine future budgets. Get started below.