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2024 Outlook 

Report | Air Freight


Navigate the vulnerable global air freight market by preparing for the unknown. 

In 2023, air cargo spot rates bottomed out, demand remained muted, and the desperately-needed peak season failed to materialize. Amidst this uncertainty, one question looms large:

Will the air freight market remain this sluggish in the new year? 

Download the 2024 Air Freight Market Outlook to explore the six most significant factors projected to impact the air freight market in the year ahead.

Get a head start on the coming year with industry insight and market intelligence from Xeneta's Chief Airfreight Officer Niall van de Wouw and Airfreight Analyst Wenwen Zhang. Together, they spotlight:

  • The correlation between ocean schedule reliability and the demand for air cargo

  • How inflation and consumer demand will influence general cargo volumes

  • What the industry’s green transition will mean for air freight shippers and forwarders

Download the 2024 Air Outlook