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If you’re heading to TMP24, you’re our kind of people. 

Long Beach, California
March 3-6, 2024 

Shipping insights for days – 4 days to be exact… 

It’s no secret. At Xeneta, we love data. We love accurate, real-time insights. And by the sounds of things, you do too. 

This March, Xeneta is delighted to be an official partner at TPM24, one of the industry’s largest conferences for the Trans-Pacific, and global shipping and logistics community taking place in Long Beach, California.  

But being a seasoned global shipping and logistics professional, you already know that.  

What you might not know is how Xeneta is working with BCOs and Freight Forwarders to redefine what procurement excellence looks like. 

So if you’re down to see firsthand how our platform accurately forecasts the market, we’d love to give you a VIP tour.  

Book an exploratory meeting here 

You’ll gain an exclusive look at the next generation of Xeneta — a platform that empowers you to combine, compare, and analyze all your most important market metrics on one screen.  

On top of that, you’ll hear the latest on global issues affecting container shipping, the risk this puts on your supply chain and the steps you can take to mitigate them. 

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The Xeneta Booth, networking section  

TPM24 has a bit of everything. Specialized insights on the most pressing challenges affecting container shippers in North America and globally. Networking, negotiations, and relationship building. And of course, the TPM Golf Open!

Should these specialized insights or golf-inspired chats spark any additional questions around schedule reliability of your selected carriers or transparency over market rates, seek out the Xeneta booth in the networking section. We’ll have our data and market analyst team on hand to answer anything and everything that’s comes to mind.

You’re also welcome to take home a free general market update! 

If you already know that Xeneta can help you in some way, or you’re simply curious to understand why CNBC and Reuters keep talking about us, jump the queue and book a one-to-one meeting with us:

TPM24 Xeneta