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With the current IMO 2020 and Coronavirus unpredictability and the usual volatility in the shipping market, ocean & air freight procurement and supply chain professionals can no longer rely on dated and static market movement reports. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss how ocean freight rates are trending after a full month in 2020. Most importantly, we'll discuss how this affects you. We'll give a quick overview of how we collect our data, and then discuss what you should be aware of in the current socio-economical climate and upcoming supplier negotiation period. 

 You will learn:

  • How to use Xeneta Data
  • Current Market Trends on Ocean Freight Rates 
  • IMO Fuel Regulations Impact on Rate Price

  • Actionable Takeaways for Freight Procurement 


AlexAlexandra Teachout
Product Marketing Manager 


Christian SchmansChristian Schmans 
Director Rate Management in Product