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Shipping and logistics news, thoughts and knowledge on the changing container freight and supply chain industry.

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Erik Devetak

Posts by Erik Devetak

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Product Update | Carrier Spread New Feature

By | on Jul 23, 2018 | Product update, carrier spread

Even though some of our Product and Engineering teams are enjoying summer vacation, things are still cooking in our halls. We are happy to present a summer treat in the form of a new product feature. [...]

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Product Update: Price Overview Feature

By | on Jun 13, 2018 | Product update

Since launching our new user interface in February, the Xeneta product and development teams have been working tirelessly to bring new features and additional value to our customers. As a result, toda[...]

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Announcing 45+MN Datapoints Milestone & New Xeneta UI 

By | on Feb 08, 2018 | Product update, Company

On behalf of Xeneta, I am proud to announce two pieces of fresh news: 1) we now have over 45 million datapoints in our platform, a 161%data growth in 12 months and 2) the launch of our revamped Xeneta[...]

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Xeneta Launches Benchmark Rate Data for Refrigerated Containers

By | on Nov 30, 2017 | Shipping rates, Carriers

In the last few months, Xeneta has started the process of expanding into new freight markets. Today, we announced the first step of the journey which is the benchmarking of refrigerated containers (re[...]

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