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1 min read  | Shipping rates

Container Alert: Ocean Shipping Premium Surcharges Update

Erik Devetak  | October 8, 2021

As the market continues to fluctuate, our data clearly shows that some shippers are currently able to ship without paying guarantee surcharges, while others are not. Given that there is no either-or, we will continue to maintain our methodology while also adding even more transparency to this significant cost component.

Xeneta customers are currently able to see granular premium surcharges in the platform for most of the Far East exports. These are not included in the rate but rather are flagged/listed separately to be added manually on top of the base rate. This allows for shippers to get a clear unbiased picture of the surcharge range per corridor.

For example, the guarantee surcharge for Taiwan to the US West coast currently ranges from USD 7,500 to USD 10,000 while China to the US West Coast ranges only from USD 1,000 to USD 3,500.

We see many savvy customers using such details to achieve beneficial outcomes during negotiations.

In the coming weeks, we will release weekly premium surcharges updates.

In addition, we will also release premium surcharges ranges for European and Southeast Asia exports, and more. Stay tuned. We are committed to bringing transparency to our customers and the industry in what are muddy times.

To learn more, make sure to read "What's Driving Container Rates Now." 

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