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The P3 Network Restructures the Shipping World

By patrikxeneta - February 28, 2014 - Categories: Shipping Lines

The P3 agreement between Maersk, MSC, and CGM CMA continues to roil the waters. While the agreement's pros-and cons are about to be scrutinized in an upcoming meeting between America's Federal Maritime Commission, the European Competition Commission, and China's Ministry of Transport, carriers outside the P3 are ...

How the Piracy Problem Affects You

By patrikxeneta - October 30, 2013 - Categories: Shipping Lines

Perhaps Tom Hanks has done the maritime world a favor. Unlike those actors and singers who loudly adopt a cause or a baby from some ugly part of the world and then disappear, “Captain Phillips” has re-opened the issue of piracy that costs carriers and shippers – and therefore consumers – billions ...

How to Avoid Overpaying On Improper Shipping Invoices

By patrikxeneta - September 11, 2013 - Categories: Container Shipping Tips, Supply Chain Management

Many firms find themselves struggling today to stay afloat as restrictive bank lending, rising problems collecting receivables, and reduced consumer and business demand have combined to make running a profitable business very difficult. Companies surviving and thriving in this environment are going back to the basics and analyzing every aspect ...