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Shipping and logistics news, thoughts and knowledge on the changing container freight and supply chain industry.

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September 2018: Container Rate Developments

By | on Sep 12, 2018 | Shipping rates, Ocean freight, Market Observations

Audio version:    For some trade corridors, September 2018 has proven to be a month of uncertainty due to tariffs causing slight frenzy from shippers and carriers taking the opportunity to jack up rat[...]

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Product Update: New South America Regional Port Structure

By | on Aug 31, 2018 | Product update, Ports

In the Xeneta platform, every port is part of a region contained by a broader region. The Xeneta geo-hierarchy consists of multiple regional levels, which begin on the port-level and expands to larger[...]

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August 2018: Container Rate Developments

By | on Aug 17, 2018 | Shipping rates, Ocean freight, Market Observations

We've naturally been tracking the latest ocean freight rate developments over the summer. There is lots to report on and with rates fluctuating (as usual) and bunker costs causing nightmares for suppl[...]

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Guest Blog: Transforming Buying & Selling Dynamics of the Logistics Industry

By | on Aug 15, 2018 | Company, Technology, Logistics

It's not very often we have guest posts in the Xeneta blog. With so many podcast series around, it's also not too often we run across one that shares interesting and inspiring knowledge about value-cr[...]

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What if my Volume Decreases or Increases During my Contract Period?

By | on Aug 08, 2018 |

  This is part 8 of the Xeneta 11-part FAQ series where we focused on key questions related to freight rate benchmarking and procurement. 

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Why Big Data in Shipping and Freight is Important

By | on Aug 01, 2018 | Big Data


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[Get Webinar] How to get the Latest Market Trends in Ocean Freight

By | on Jul 26, 2018 | Shipping rates, Index-based contracting, Data driven, Ocean freight, Market Analysis

In our July quarterly webinar, Michael Braun (Director, Value Engineering and Head of Advisory Services at Xeneta) reviewed four of the biggest ocean trade lanes worldwide. He presented current market[...]

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Product Update | Carrier Spread New Feature

By | on Jul 23, 2018 | Product update, carrier spread

Even though some of our Product and Engineering teams are enjoying summer vacation, things are still cooking in our halls. We are happy to present a summer treat in the form of a new product feature. [...]

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How Freight Audit Software Can Help Companies

By | on Jul 18, 2018 | Logistics, Technology

The buzz today is all about controlling ocean freight costs. Profit margins are under pressure, so it's important to know if your carrier is invoicing at the contracted rates, or if fuel surcharges ar[...]

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What Really Drives Price in Ocean Freight Contracting

By | on Jul 11, 2018 | Shipping rates, Contracts

    In the complex area of supply chain management, shippers may be under the impression that each individual element within the chain determines the price set by sellers. 

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