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Guest Blog: Transforming Buying & Selling Dynamics of the Logistics Industry

By | on Aug 15, 2018 | Logistics, Technology, Company

It's not very often we have guest posts in the Xeneta blog. With so many podcast series around, it's also not too often we run across one that shares interesting and inspiring knowledge about value-cr[...]

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How Freight Audit Software Can Help Companies

By | on Jul 18, 2018 | Logistics, Technology

The buzz today is all about controlling ocean freight costs. Profit margins are under pressure, so it's important to know if your carrier is invoicing at the contracted rates, or if fuel surcharges ar[...]

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Xeneta Highlighted as Gartner "Cool Vendor" in Supply Chain Execution Technologies

By | on May 16, 2018 | Supply Chain, Technology, Company

I am happy to share that Xeneta has been named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" 2018 in supply chain execution technologies. Gartner is a world renowned research institute and the creators of the "hype cycle m[...]

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The Future Of The Logistics Industry

By | on Jan 23, 2018 | Technology

Growth in global trade has shown an upward trend since the mid-eighties till about 2008 at which time the growth stage flat lined creating stagnation for the industry. This stagnation has affected all[...]

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[Get Webinar] Using Market Intelligence to Procure Ocean Freight

By | on Nov 13, 2017 | Technology, Benchmarking, Data driven

Opaque ocean freight rates based on massive price fluctuations can hamper your groundwork for the 2018 tender season. That's why greater visibility into real-time rate data gives an incredible advanta[...]

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The Reach of Intelligent Freight Technologies, Explained

By | on Aug 22, 2017 | Technology, Big Data

  As much as I despise, as of late, the use of the term “Big Data” (mainly because it is overused and because “then there must be such a thing as ‘small data’, right? Is there?”), it is indeed one of [...]

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Xeneta Data Jumps to 35+MN Container Rates

By | on Jul 04, 2017 | Technology, Shipping rates, Company

Summer is upon us and 2017's shipping rates market is still on the up and up. Another thing that is on the up is the total amount of container shipping rates in Xeneta. 

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How Logistics Technology Improves Supply Chain Visibility

By | on May 12, 2017 | Supply Chain, Technology

Globalization in trade and logistics is not a new trend in the market. However, the successful company is one that combines visibility in its supply chain, market data and intelligence.

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[Survey Says] How Can Smaller Carriers Compete Against Shipping Alliances?

By | on Mar 22, 2017 | Logistics, Technology, Carriers

In the current economic conditions, there aren't many shipping lines that can operate entirely on their own; at least not on a global basis, as they cannot provide the required coverage all by themsel[...]

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Xeneta Expands Team: Adds Value Engineering & Head of Advisor Services

By | on Mar 16, 2017 | Supply Chain, Technology, Company

I am happy to announce that Michael Braun has joined the Xeneta team as our Director of Value Engineering and Head of Xeneta Advisor. Michael has a strong background in ocean freight having gathered e[...]

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