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August 2020 XSI® Report

The global XSI® declined by 1.8% in Aug-20 to 110.46 points, following a small month-on-month increase reported in July. The index has now shed 4.6% of its value since April this year and is down 2.2% compared to the equivalent period of 2019. Year-to-date the benchmark is 1.9% lower.


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What is the XSI® Public Indices report?

The monthly XSI® Public Indices report gives an indication of the global market movements in the container shipping industry focusing on the long-term market for the biggest regions in the world:

  • Global index
  • Far East indices (import/export)
  • Europe indices (import/export)
  • US Indices (import/export)




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Xeneta does not recommend price setting on this market report as it is based on an aggregation of trade-weighted uncorrelated corridors. If you are interested in index-based contracting, we recommend our XSI® index-linked contracting product.

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