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March 6th, 12pm | Free Xeneta Lunch Seminar 

Discover how you can use Xeneta's freight rate market intelligence for ocean and air transport to improve your procurement strategy. 

Via a LIVE demo of Xeneta, experts will present how Xeneta can give you the real-time freight rate data you need to, for example: 

  • Prepare for RFQs
  • Benchmark bids
  • Drive negotiations based on data
  • Get a full overview of historical and current ocean freight rate market trends
  • Budget future costs
  • Assess risks

In addition, we'll present an analysis on the latest short and long-term market ocean freight rates: 

  • Trans - Pacific
  • Trans - Atlantic
  • Europe - Asia 

Bonus Learning at This Seminar

  • How to use this data to prepare for your upcoming container rates RFQ and supplier negotiation activities
  • Overview of how tender and contract duration can influence your rate levels 
  • Insights into new Xeneta features coming in the next few months
  • ...and more. 


Date & TimeTuesday, March 6th, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Location:The Sky Room Restaurant (The Dejaview Room, 15th floor), 40 South Locust Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802 (map)

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