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4 Tips to Overcome Ocean Shipping Procurement Challenges

By | on Jan 14, 2020 | Procurement

Procurement of ocean shipping services is the activity of sourcing and procuring not only the best ocean freight rates, but also the best shipping services amongst the various carriers available in th[...]

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Get Reliable Container Rates Information on Global Trade Lanes

By | on Nov 12, 2018 | Shipping rates, Procurement, Ocean freight, Data driven, tendering rounds

Last month, Michael Braun, VP, Customer Solutions at Xeneta reviewed the past quarter's ocean freight rates in a live webinar. He analyzed the main trade routes Asia - Europe (in/out), Trans-Pacific a[...]

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Learn How to Reduce your Freight Tendering Rounds  [Get Webinar]

By | on Jun 25, 2018 | Procurement, Ocean freight, carrier spread, tendering, target settings, tendering rounds

Tendering is a key part of the ocean freight procurement process. At Xeneta, through our customers we are in contact with some of the world's largest industry stakeholders . We often hear that many pe[...]

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[Get Webinar] April'18 | Ocean Freight Shipping Rates at a Glance

By | on Apr 30, 2018 | Shipping rates, freight forwarding, Market Analysis, Procurement, Benchmarking, Ocean freight, Data driven

In our latest quarterly webinar, we've reviewed the ocean freight rates for the past quarter. We analyzed the main trade lanes:Asia-Europe (import and export), Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific. Due to th[...]

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[Get Webinar] How External Factors Affect Ocean Freight Rates

By | on Mar 28, 2018 | Supply Chain, Logistics, Market Observations, Freight Quote, Procurement, Container Capacity, Ocean freight

As a procurement or logistics professional, you would be aware how ocean freight rates are volatile. There are numerous factors contributing to this price volatility in container freight rates.

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[Get Webinar] Interplay between short and long-term rates

By | on Feb 27, 2018 | Shipping rates, Market Observations, Freight Quote, Procurement, Benchmarking, Ocean freight, Data driven

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[Get Webinar] Jan'18 | Ocean Freight Shipping Rates at a Glance

By | on Jan 26, 2018 | Shipping rates, Procurement, Benchmarking, Ocean freight

As a supply chain or procurement professional, insights into ocean freight rate trends can be valuable, especially when you are getting ready for the tendering season. In our latest quarterly webinar,[...]

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Why Port to Port Shipping Rates Really Matter

By | on Jan 23, 2018 | Shipping rates, Procurement, Benchmarking

With global markets still rising, some ports are busier than ever, and freight rates have on a whole ticked up as well. Meanwhile, the global container fleet capacity is expected to grow significantly[...]

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When is the Best Time to Negotiate Ocean Freight Rates?

By | on Jan 19, 2018 | Market Analysis, Procurement, Benchmarking, Ocean freight

Pressed for time? Listen to the audio version of this article below: We are happy to announce the Xeneta 11-part FAQ series focusing on key questions related to freight rate benchmarking and procureme[...]

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How Digitalization Improves Transportation Procurement

By | on Aug 29, 2017 | Digitalization, Procurement

The Hackett Group has recently released their 2017 analysis of their procurement benchmarking database. It demonstrates the advantages of working with a digital procurement strategy. 

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