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Update: Global Container Shipping Alliances

By | on Dec 07, 2017 | Infographic, Market Observations

Here is an updated handy overview to help you stay on top of shipping alliances. A short summary of the alliances' impact on the container market and some thoughts on who is benefiting in the industry[...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Key Info About The Ocean Alliance

By | on Dec 27, 2016 | Infographic, Carriers

We continue our shipping alliances pieces this week. It's always useful to get a quick run down of these alliances. Today, we will focus on the mega Ocean Alliance due to start operating in April 2017[...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Things to Know about the 2M Alliance

By | on Dec 22, 2016 | Infographic, Carriers

This year it has all been about alliances. New ones were formed, some stripped and restructured. 2017 will see a couple of more take effect. Today, we will focus on the 2M Alliance. 

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Things Everybody Needs to Know About THE Alliance

By | on Dec 09, 2016 | Infographic

2017 will be an interesting year to see what happens with the updated shipping alliances announced this year. With 80% of the world's fleet in alliances and overcapacity a buzz word nowadays, I really[...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 Tips: How to Negotiate with Your Carriers

By | on Nov 23, 2016 | Infographic

This week's Global Trade Fun Facts blog post has been debunked by a very handy infographic on what you should know when negotiating your ocean freight rates with carriers. If you are currently in nego[...]

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Global Trade Fun Facts: Intra-Asia Trade

By | on Nov 16, 2016 | Infographic

Asia as many other emerging economies is experiencing a boom.  In recent years, the dominating Chinese economy has seen a rise in minimum wage of its workforce causing a lot of off shoring to Vietnam.[...]

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Global Trade Fun Facts: Transatlantic Trade Lanes

By | on Nov 02, 2016 | Infographic

The Transatlantic trade corridor was once the United States' dominant international route. However, like we highlighted recently, the Trans-Pacific corridor has taken reign. Trade between Europe and N[...]

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[INFOGRAPHIC Update] Shipping Alliances & Mergers Overview

By | on Nov 01, 2016 | Infographic

Which carrier is in bed with who makes for a hot soap opera story for 2017. With the recent Japanese Big 3 carrier merger announcement, we updated our INFOGRAPHIC to include the news with a tiny note.[...]

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Global Trade Fun Facts | Trans-Pacific Trade Lanes

By | on Oct 26, 2016 | Infographic

The Trans-Pacific ocean freight market is North America's largest trade corridor. Mega U.S. retailer importers dominate, while exports come from low-value commodities used to support manufacturing in [...]

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Global Trade Fun Facts | Top European Ports

By | on Oct 19, 2016 | Infographic


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