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[INFOGRAPHIC] Key Info About The Ocean Alliance

Katherine Barrios
Dec 27, 2016

We continue our shipping alliances pieces this week. It's always useful to get a quick run down of these alliances. Today, we will focus on the mega Ocean Alliance due to start operating in April 2017. 

The Ocean Alliance, led by CMA-CGM is made up of China Cosco Shipping, Evergreen Line, and Orient Overseas Container Line, will offer 40 services on the east-west trades with 498 port calls. It will be the largest alliance in shipping history come April 2017 to battle with THE Alliance and the 2M Alliance

The JOC reported:

"The Trans-Pacific market will see the largest coverage by the Ocean Alliance with 20 loops, 145 weekly calls, and 52 ports. In a statement issued via CMA CGM, the alliance said its Trans-Pacific services would offer “the most comprehensive market coverage and geographic consistency by loop for optimized transit times to main markets.”  

CMA-CGM is the largest contributor to this alliance and like Maersk, this year has seen a lot of activity for the French carrier. It made its largest acquisition to date by acquiring Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) and at the same time reported a Q3 loss of over $260 million. Unlike Maersk who saw strength in purchasing APM Terminals to offer a complete "transport & logistics" solution, CMA is prepared to cut ties with its APL Terminals in an exercise to decrease debt. 

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Ocean Alliance, THE Alliance and the 2M Alliance will be head-to-head on the U.S. trade routes. The Trans-Pacific is up for grabs. How will ocean freight rates, capacity and reliability fare? All very exciting. 

Q3 2017 Ocean Freight Rates

Have a look at the infographic below to learn more about the largest shipping alliance to date. If you dazzled your family with interesting facts about the 2M Alliance over Christmas dinner, this Ocean Alliance infographic will be a big hit over New Year's dinner and drinks with family and/or friends. I mean, the Ocean Alliance is THE largest shipping alliance EVER. That's interesing in its own. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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1220 Ocean Alliance.png


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