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3 min read  | Company

Growing Stronger Together: Xeneta Acquires CLIVE Data Services, Leading Provider of Air Freight Market Intelligence

Katherine Barrios  | January 27, 2022

We are excited to announce that Xeneta has acquired Amsterdam-based air freight data analysts CLIVE Data Services. CLIVE’s Managing Director, Niall van de Wouw will be joining Xeneta as Chief Airfreight Officer. This acquisition will help us provide the most timely and comprehensive insights into the global ocean and air freight markets. 

Throughout the pandemic, we have gathered feedback from our customer base, understanding and helping them to navigate the current disruption. The air freight market can prove exceptionally challenging while benchmarking rates, assessing capacity, or getting the best value for cargoes and businesses.  

Thus, the need to be on top of the two most volatile markets, ocean and air, with on-demand rate and supply-side data has never been more critical. Companies need unbiased and trustworthy market intelligence to make informed decisions based on the latest trends and fluctuations in the market.  

Back in June 2021, we integrated CLIVE’s ‘dynamic load factor’ and capacity analysis into Xeneta’s market analytics platform. We knew back then that CLIVE had the most comprehensive capacity and dynamic load factor data out there. Today, we are building a stronger company by combining our ocean and air freight market expertise. 

During the due diligence, we were blown away by the quality of CLIVE’s data team and product.  

“We want our customers to have the best and most timely global ocean and air freight data trends,” said Xeneta CEO Patrik Berglund.

“The unique insights and timelines of CLIVE’s air freight data make it a great addition to our freight data offering. Our combined data services and industry expertise make us second to none in providing clear insights into the global freight markets. We gladly welcome Niall’s extensive air freight expertise to Xeneta’s leadership team to strengthen Xeneta’s technology and data-driven approach within the air freight space. Our recent Series-C funding is allowing us to speed up the delivery of new services and to further expand our global footprint.” 

Niall van de Wouw, the co-founder of CLIVE Data Services, commented: “The recent partnership with Xeneta has given us valuable insights into our respective data offerings, and the additional value we can deliver by combining our expertise and resources. For CLIVE’S clients, this exciting new development will provide opportunities to further populate our data and give us the ability to help them extract more value from our data services. Our decision to team up with Xeneta was not only driven by the complementary service offering. Patrik and his team have built a great company with a unique business culture and I am really looking forward to becoming part of that.” 

The global freight market has been through its most dynamic period ever in the last two years and has heightened demand for more timely data to help companies deal with this volatile time in an informed manner. With this recent acquisition, Xeneta is improving ways to support our clients in making smarter business-critical decisions.   

We’re excited for what the future holds with CLIVE and Niall, and hope that you are too. 

Learn more about Xeneta for Air Freight here.

If you have any questions, write to us at info@xeneta.com. 

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