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1 min read  | Company

Seasoned Technology Executive Bridget Shea Joins Xeneta As Board Member

Patrik Berglund  | April 26, 2022

We are excited to welcome our newest board member, Bridget Shea, who will help us steer Xeneta towards continued and sustainable growth. Shea’s experience includes decades of leading sales and customer success teams for large technology brands such as Salesforce and is also known for her advisory roles at data analytics firms Dataiku and Heap.

Bridget is a highly accomplished tech leader with an extensive track record of success that makes her the perfect fit for our board of directors. We are thrilled to welcome a seasoned professional who has spent a significant amount of time delivering results for high-growth companies. Her expertise will be invaluable to our board.

Bridget has been a key contributor in leading multiple technology startups to acquisition, including TellApart (acquired by Twitter) and Datorama (acquired by Salesforce). 

Currently serving as Chief Customer Officer at San Francisco-based firm MURAL, Bridget has held several global executive positions at multinational firms, and her peers commend her for her ability to elevate cross-functional teams and sustainably scale organizations. 
Bridget Shea Xeneta

“It is my pleasure to join Xeneta during such an exciting time for their business,” said Shea. “Embracing the digital transformation of the logistics industry is vital to shippers, freight forwarders, and carriers. The broken state of the global supply chain has led to significant disruptions, unreliable transport capacities, and incalculable replenishment times. It is a privilege to join the board of a disruptive corporation like Xeneta, a company that is leading the market to provide reliable and real-time data to logistics professionals.”

I am glad to welcome Bridget Shea to the Xeneta team, and I wish her great success as we continue our journey together in this exciting industry. 

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