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A Glimpse into Xeneta’s Corporate Social Responsibilities in 2022

As Xeneta continues to scale, so do our corporate goals and social responsibilities.


At Xeneta, we had a big year. The value of the transparency we provide to the historically opaque shipping industry was recognized with a new round of fundraising of $80M. In addition to our business successes – we also achieved clear corporate milestones. As our company continues to scale, so do our corporate goals and social responsibilities.

In 2022, we identified three sustainability points of focus – as recognized by the United Nations (UN SDGs)Good Health & Well-beingClean Water & Sanitation, and Climate Action.

In March, in honor of our 10-year anniversary, we hosted Xeneta Moves – a companywide goal to reach 10,000km in steps and activity throughout the month. The activity brought colleagues together and kept us motivated to stay healthy and moving during the Winter. We saw involvement from approximately 70 employees companywide and exceeded our goal with 11,651km. 

We also continued to celebrate International Women's Month together in March and actively participated in the “Breaking the Bias” workshop with more than 100 Xenetians (both women and men).  Our colleagues also shared their experiences to shed light on the unconscious gender bias and acknowledge the struggle women face in the workplace.

IWD 2022

As the global focus shifted to mental health in May with mental health awareness month – we followed suit. We hosted weekly activities over the month and supplemented the initiative with corporate conversations in between. These activities included TED Talks and group discussions, Art Therapy, Meditation and Board Games to engage team collaboration. 

One Xenetian, One Tree was an initiative we rolled out in September of 2022 in which Xeneta added Tree gifting as part of our new-employee welcome package. With so much growth this year – we wanted to find a way to ensure our responsibilities remained clear to newly onboarded employees and that this impact was growing with us. 

In November, we welcomed our customers to the 6th annual Xeneta Summit in Hamburg, Germany. For the third year in a row, we donated the event's registration fees to The donation totaled 25% of our net proceeds and supported access to clean water and to break the cycle of poverty's impact on water sanitation. 

Waterorg_Homepage_Img-3RV3_sAanYHn.original with logo - tinted

In times of global difficulty and given the geopolitical climate, we would have been remiss not to do something we could act in a time of crisis and aid the people of Ukraine. With few of our Ukrainian colleagues impacted directly, Xeneta acted in response to the Ukraine war by making a sizable donation in December. 

Employees also donated independently and showed their support for impacted colleagues through organized office activity, conversation and acts of service. With these quarterly initiatives, not only did we impact the environment around us, but we nurtured our own corporate environment. 

The planning, involvement and celebration of these activities on a corporate scale are part of why we do them – we're only as strong as our weakest connection, and we do better – together. We're excited to continue to channel growth into our corporate and social responsibilities in 2023. 

Want to make an impact together?

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