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Shipping and logistics news, thoughts and knowledge on the changing container freight and supply chain industry.

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Patrik Berglund


Posts by Patrik Berglund

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Global Recession Begins

By | on Mar 18, 2020 | Market Observations, IMO 2020, Coronavirus

Photo by Edan Cohen on Unsplash The Dow and US stocks plunged on Monday in its worst decline since 1987. It then went back up again yesterday seemingly after the US government presented measures to fi[...]

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Xeneta Keeping Employees Safe: Work from Home

By | on Mar 12, 2020 | Company, Coronavirus

Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash The COVID-19 outbreak is now a global pandemic. Xeneta has a responsibility as an employer, as do all of us, to protect our employees and society by limiting th[...]

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Coronavirus & Box Shortages

By | on Mar 11, 2020 | Shipping rates, Coronavirus

Possibly much of the concern about COVID-19 is the uncertainty about how to proceed: various sports are playing games in empty stadiums, 300 million schoolchildren worldwide are not in school, domesti[...]

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The Coronavirus & Box Rates

By | on Feb 04, 2020 | Market Observations, Chinese Market

On January 30, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus “a public health emergency of international concern”, but did not recommend any trade or tourism restrictions. Tourism restriction[...]

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Imbalanced Supply & Demand: Are Alliances Obsolete?

By | on Nov 06, 2019 | Shipping Alliances

With old-fashioned shipping terms such as ‘conference’ or ‘non-conference’ long consigned to a dustbin that contains full sets of paper Ocean Bills of Lading, one wonders if alliances are as helpful t[...]

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Socio-Economic Storms Blowing on the Box Industry

By | on Oct 21, 2019 | Shipping rates, Market Observations, Brexit, trade war

We’ve been charting and recording global box rates for some seven years now, and have certainly seen how the many components of supply and demand affect the rates on not only the powerhouse lanes of A[...]

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US-China Trade War Keeps Feeding Box Ship Business Uncertainty

By | on Aug 22, 2019 | trade war

Remember the days when a shipper called his salesman, ordered-up a number of containers, and they shipped quietly from Point A to Point B without fanfare, hysteria, and having to check one’s twitter f[...]

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Brexit: Hard Landing for Boxships

By | on Mar 20, 2019 | Shipping rates, Brexit

So much is going on with Brexit, that it's hard to keep all the facts and the voting straight. Prudent business executives on both sides of the Channel are planning for a hard landing. Let’s take a st[...]

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Opinion: Mega Ships Dilemma and an Economic Slowdown

By | on Feb 07, 2019 | Shipping rates, Market Observations

(IMAGE: Robyn Beck / AFP/Getty Images) Short-term container rates on the China Main ports to North Europe Main ports have seen a slight drop since the beginning of the year. However, compared to Sprin[...]

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Ocean or Air Transport: An Executive Decision

By | on Dec 12, 2018 | Supply Chain, Ocean freight, Air freight

In a dynamic freight rates and uncertain geo-political environment it pays to have an open mind with regards to transportation mode. The minds that need to be most open are those at the very top of an[...]

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