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XSI® Public Indices Report

Ocean freight long-term contract market

March 2024:

Xeneta’s Global XSI® stood at 151.6 points in March, dropping by just 1.8% from its February level. This leaves the global index 56% lower than in March 2023.

Looking at the first three months of 2024 the index has fallen by 3.9% compared to December 2023, with a slight increase in February not enough to offset declines in January and March.

Read more about the long-term ocean freight market on Europe, Far East and the US in the full XSI® report.

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XSI® Public Indices Content

The monthly XSI® Public Indices report gives an indication of the global market movements in the container shipping industry focusing on the long-term market for the biggest regions in the world:

  • Global index
  • Far East indices (import/export)
  • Europe indices (import/export)
  • US Indices (import/export)
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  • Rates pulled from Xeneta’s ocean and air freight platform of 400M+ contracted rates
  • Rates delivered from freight forwarders and shippers
  • Based on long-term contracts only - contracts valid more than 88 days
  • Indices based on an aggregation of trade-weighted corridors
  • Indices rates surcharges are based on all-in CY/CY pricing methodology
  • Global index is a combination of worldwide trade-weighted corridors not limited to US, Europe and Far East indices
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Disclaimer: Xeneta does not recommend price setting on this market report as it is based on an aggregation of trade-weighted uncorrelated corridors. If you are interested in index-based contracting, contact us to learn about XSI® index-linked contracting.